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Writer's Block: Riddle me this
What is something that just doesn't make sense to you?
How American big business will cut payroll for the people that actually produce income for the company while keeping the doors open on days like Sunday when the figures clearly show a loss because people don't shop on Sunday. All the while the people at the corporate office, which don't serve the customer therefore don't produce income, continue to rake in thier fat checks and work thier full hours.
IE AutoZone, Advance Auto & O'Reilly Auto. In my town there isn't enough sales to support 1 store yet between the 3 there are 7 open on Sunday. Each one is open because the other is open. None of them will make a good business decision and close which would lead to all of them closing and then that payroll could be used during the week where it's needed. (and yes, I've worked for them so I do know what I'm talking about)
No wonder Chinas kicking our corporate ass. Thier cuts start at the down and work thier way down. The people at the bottom are the last to take a cut. Of course if it reaches that far the company is doomed anyway.


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